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Kamado Medium - Slim Jacket Professional

Kamado Medium - Slim Jacket Professional

Kamado Grills

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The Kamado BBQ is a premium charcoal grill and smoker designed to take your culinary adventures to the next level. Based on age-old Asian cooking techniques and made from sustainable materials, this barbecue offers unparalleled versatility and flavor to your outdoor cooking experience.
Ideal for preparing a wide range of dishes including steaks, chicken, fish, pizza, bread, and slow-cooked barbecue dishes. It is a favorite among grilling enthusiasts and culinary enthusiasts for its versatility and ability to create flavorful meals.

This Kamado is made of high-quality ceramic material, which makes it durable and retains heat excellently, which ensures even heat distribution. This allows you to both grill and smoke with precision. It is also equipped with air inlets and an adjustable air slider, giving you complete control over the temperature. This allows you to reach both high temperatures for grilling steaks and lower temperatures for slow cooking.

With their stylish design, in addition to their cooking performance, they also have an attractive and timeless design that adds an elegant look to your outdoor space.

With a Kamado barbecue you can enjoy the art of outdoor cooking and the delicious flavors it offers, while benefiting from the durability and performance this barbecue has to offer. It is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen and a guarantee for tasty and memorable meals.

This medium Kamado of 45 cm is supplied as standard with infinity gasket (fiberglass seal) and deflector/plate setter for indirect use. In addition, with this 'Professional' edition you get a flexible cooking system, pizza stone, rain cover, grill clamp, ash lever and grill expander!


High-quality ceramics

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Dimension : Grill surface: 38.5 cm, grill height: 81 cm, dimensions (lxwxh): 114x63x122 cm

Diameter : 45cm (18in)

Warranty outer shell : Ceramic outer shell: 20 years. Other parts: 2 years.

Inhoud pakket: Kamado Medium Slim Jack, mobile base, side shelves, plate setter, flexible cooking system, pizza stone, rain cover, grill clamp, ash lever and grill expander

Color : Black

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