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Kick Ash Basket (Charcoal) / Kamado Compact

Kick Ash Basket (Charcoal) / Kamado Compact

Kamado Grills

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A coal basket is an indispensable accessory for lovers of charcoal barbecues, such as the Kamado grills. This basket is specially designed to simplify the management of charcoal or briquettes and improve your barbecue experience. It provides convenient storage and control over your fuel, allowing you to optimize your grilling performance.
The coal basket keeps your charcoal or briquettes neatly organized, making them easy to access for lighting and distributing heat. By placing the charcoal in the coal basket, you can better manage the amount of fuel and use the right amount of coal for your specific cooking needs. The coal basket ensures an even distribution of heat, so that your dishes can be cooked evenly without hotspots and by placing the middle part in the basket, the kamado can also be divided into 2 zones. Ultimately, it is also easier and faster to clean the kamado

With a coal basket, you'll be ready to prepare delicious meals on your charcoal grill, benefiting from organized storage, efficient fuel use, and even heat. It is a valuable addition to your barbecue equipment, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time.

Suitable for the high Compact 15 inch model and Medium 18 & 20 inch Kamado


Stainless steel

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Dimension : Suitable for the Compact 15 inch (high model such as Grill Guru) and Medium 18 & 20 inch Kamado. Note: Not suitable for 16 inch Kamado. Bottom diameter: 18 cm, top diameter: 26.5 cm, height: 17 cm.

Diameter : 25.5 cm

Height : 11.5 cm

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